Monday, September 28, 2009

Vote for Jerry!

Liberty Mutual has COACH Of The YEAR award for each NCAA division. Go to

and vote for Jerry Moore. Liberty Mutual will donate $50,000 to the charity of his choice and $20,000 to the Appalachian State Alumni Association.

I think it's worth giving them your email address. I have Liberty Mutual and they have always done me right!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stupid headlines from the W-S Journal

Don't get me wrong, I DO INDEED admire the Winston-Salem Journal. They consistantly report on the Mountaineers. For this they are to be commended.

But these 2 headlines just stink! ...

"Tar Heel defense difference in victory"
Oh yeah, like the Heels were so big and bad in defeating a bottom feeder of the SoCon. I wonder why Butch wouldn't schedule ... ummm ... an in-state foe - like maybe ASU or Elon?

Here's the other totally stupid headline...

"Richmond pulls shocker, knocks off Duke 24-16"
OK, really. Where's the shock value?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Armanti on the sidelines

Fan Fest was a ton o fun today! The weather held out and the event was very well attended.
There's Armanti on the sidelines with his crutches and big red and black shorts. He seemed to be smiling, so we'll take that as a good sign.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday, October 13, 2008

Armanti ROCKS

Way back in December, Armanti was on the Heisman Watch List. I have no idea about how such things work, but here's where our mighty QB ranks with the current Heisman Watch boys.

Junior, Armanti Edwards
5,293 yards for 43 touchdowns.
this year rushing - over 300

Current QB's on THE LIST:

Senior, Chase Daniel - Missouri
10,235 career yards 78 touchdowns
this year rushing - average, less than 10 yards per game

Sophomore, Sam Bradford - Oklahoma
5,173 yards for 59 touchdowns
this year rushing - I didn't do the math. It's negative figures.

Senior, Graham Harrell - Texas Tech
12,993 yards for 109 touchdowns
this year rushing - approximately 1 yard

Now, let's break it down to a state level and see how Armanti compares...

Junior, Cameron Sexton - UNC
1,409 yards for 7 touchdowns
this year rushing - pitiful
The Tar Heels should be very proud of their victory over McNesse State.

Senior, Patrick Pickney - East Carolina
2,571 for 18 touchdowns
this year rushing - around 50
Yes you are a worthy opponent and we welcome the opp to play you in 2009.

Freshman, Russell Wilson (not to be confused with the STAR ASU long snapper) - NC State
532 yards for 4 touchdowns
this year rushing - maybe 2 yds

Junior, Riley Skinner - Wake Forest University
5,415 for 28 touchdowns
this year rushing - around 70
I LOVE the Deacs. Riley can throw, but he can't run.

Junior, Thaddeus Lewis - Duke
5,535 for 39 touchdowns
this year rushing - less than Riley or Patrick.
I can't believe you beat JMU in the season opener.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fair weather fans

Saturday 09/26/08

3:00pm - The burgers, beer and extra ice packs are in the cooler with all the ice from my ice maker dumped in.
3:10pm - My friend Bit shows up and loads said cooler along with my pile of stuff into the car. It's raining.

Bit: Are we stupid to do this?
Me: No.

3:15pm - We have gone 2 miles up Peacehaven Road and are getting onto 421. The windshield wipers are going strong.

Me: Ya know, my elbow really hurts today. If we hadn't told the Fitz's we were coming to their house to tailgate and if you hadn't told Charles he could have the extra 2 tickets, I would say let's bag the game today.
Bit: I'm pretty sure the Fitz's wouldn't mind. They can go out to eat. Heck, they have 2 teenage boys, it's not like they don't have food in the house and they are betting on our burgers. And Charles, ppht, he can buy tickets at the gate.

3:18pm - We exit onto Lewisville-Clemmons Road.

Me: Hello Fitz? Would you think we are horrible people and call an end to our friendship if we bagged coming to Boone today? My elbow hurts and it's raining and whine, whine, whine.
Fitz: Hahaha! Nah, that's ok. We'll see ya'll next week.
Bit: Charles, you will have to find other tickets to the game or just take your date out to dinner. We're not coming.

3:20pm - Heading back into Winston-Salem.

Me: I think a beer would make my arm feel better.
Bit: The Wake game starts at 3:30. We could go watch the game and eat bar food and drink beer.
Me: Let's go to that kinda new sports bar on Robinhood. I haven't been there yet.

5:00pm - Sitting in Beef O'Brady's polishing off our second beer and wiping the hot sauce off our lips.

Me: What is wrong with the Deacs? I want to go home and take a nap before our game.
Bit: Four turnovers is enough for me.
Me: Check please.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yosef's alternative to SOLD OUT

So it seems that this Saturday's game is completely sold out and, more importantly, HOMECOMING is sold out. If you are interested in these games you need to email me at I have four season tickets, two of which I am offering up for sale for both games. These tickets are located in the west side (the APP side) stands around the 30ish yard line.

Here's the deal...I will sell these tickets for pretty much face value - $60.00 for both. If we get into a bidding war, the tickets remain $60 but the winning bidder will be the individual that agrees to write the biggest check to The Yosef Club. (I will require said individual to hand me the check before the game(s) which, I will in turn submit promptly to the Yosef Club.) The winner gets the tax benefit of contributing to a worthy cause AND the benefits of Yosef Club membership.